1. What is the rent?

Rent is income based and is 30% of your gross family income.   If you are over income limits, you will be considered a “Market Renter”.  This means, you will pay full market rent for the apartment with no HUD assistance.   

2. Do you allow pets?

No, we do not allow pets.  However, we do have a Support, Service and Assistive Animal Policy.

3. How is it determined what size apartment I am eligible for?

Apt. size is determined by family composition. 

4. Is there a waiting list and how long is it?

Yes, there is a waiting list on every size apartment.  However, we can get through the waiting list fairly quickly.  It is first come, first serve from the time your application is received. 

5. Handicap accessible?

Yes, we have 8 wheel chair accessible units.

6. How do I get an application?

You may get an application in the Randolph Terrace Apts. Office during regular business hours.

After hours, there is an application box. You can phone and give us your address and we will mail you an application.  Or, you can download one from this website and drop it off.  Starting January 1, 2017 a $25.00 application fee will be charged at the time of drop off to process the application.     

7. Utilities? 

Yes, water, electric, gas, garbage.  All included.

In your welcome packet, you will receive information about TV, internet and phone providers. 

8. Washer/dryer hook ups?

No.  We do however, have 2 laundromats on site for your convenience. 

9. How long does it take to process the application?

It usually takes about 2 weeks to process an application.  We run credit, criminal and personal background checks.